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pairing: domlija
fandom: lotr rps
challenge: peanut butter

Elijah, clad only in boxers, was carefully balanced on the counter, digging through cupboards, throwing unwanted boxes and bags over his shoulder and across the room. Dominic smiled as he watched.

Elijah made a triumphant noise and jumped off the counter, pulling open a drawer and grabbing a spoon. He dipped it in the jar, took a bite and frowned, examining the label.

"Something wrong?"

"I have to get my mom to send American peanut butter. There's no sugar in this crap."

Dominic laughed and Elijah flicked the spoon at him.

"Or I can just eat it off you."

pairing: billinic
fandom: lotr rps
challenge: magic eight ball

When it hits the floor blue puddles everywhere and you're this close to screaming because it still won't give you the right answer. These days you're used to getting everything you want.

Dominic and Billy pass the drink between each other, laughing. You sit across from them and put on a smile, rolling the ball between your hands underneath the table.

You move your lips silently, asking if Billy will ever be yours. You know that this time the answer will be different. But when you lower your eyes your heart stops and you literally let your wishes smash.
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