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pairing: orlilly
fandom: lotr rps
challenge: disguise
for [livejournal.com profile] 15minuteficlets

The first times they went out he wore a hat, dark blue and low over his eyes. Billy opened his throat to the cool drink; sure he was something to be ashamed of. Flushed, Billy avoided eye contact the rest of the night, afraid of what he might show there.

In the dim lights of the bedroom, where the relationship had really begun, Orlando let his hair fall free, dividing his face into uneven parts. Billy would often push the hair behind his ears only to laugh when it fell free a moment later. And he would never think about going out or the faces Orlando never shows outside the locked room.

Orlando pulled the green and white trucker hat down, shielding his face from the sun, Billy likes to pretend. Only, even though Elijah said it looks better sideways, Orlando was quick to pull the hat back down over his face. His eyes dart around and Billy looks away, biting at the insides of his cheeks.

Billy is by the door, keys in hand, ready for the night. Orlando can't find the hat he wanted and Orlando won't go out with the hat. Billy sighs and throws the keys back onto the table and stalks off into the living room. Orlando finds Billy five minutes later, wiping away tears, holding a hat in his hands. He says nothing, only hands Orlando the hat and lowers his head.

Orlando runs his fingers through his hair before putting on the hat and sits down next to Billy, reaching out to touch his arm. Billy looks at Orlando then looks away, and Orlando is reaching out for him again, questioning look in his eyes. Billy slowly reaches up and removes the hat, setting it carefully on the coffee table.

And Orlando's laughing because he finally understands and Billy is trying to frown at him.

"You think I don't want to be seen with you?" He says through laughter.

Billy doesn't answer, but he's having a hard time frowning.

"I just don't want to be seen, Billy. But if I have to be seen, then let it be with you."

Billy's laughing through the last of his tears and Orlando is offering him a hand up on his way to the door. The hat still on the coffee table.
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