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title : spoons
fandom : lotr rps
challange : competition
for [livejournal.com profile] 15minuteficlets

Dom has that gleam in his eye, the one that said "you have no idea what you are getting into." Lij may have noticed, except he, like Dom, had been drinking for the past two hours and seemed to think that this was a perfectly rational idea. After all, they were both even at the moment: seven beers each. So when Lij pulled out a bottle of Jack, two shot glasses and a pack of cards, Dom said "Bring it on." Billy and Orli rolled their eyes, grabbed their beers and went to move away. Unfortunately for them, they didn't get too far.

Of course the first problem was what to play. Red-Black-High-Low got old quick and it would end too quickly. Dom couldn't remember if he knew how to play Big Two or Thirteens, and Lij wasn't sure if there was actually a difference and even so, he didn't remember how it worked as a drinking game. Dom suggested Kings but Lij protested saying there were too many rules. Neither Billy nor Orli were being of much help.

Eventually Lij stalked off to the kitchen and came back with an evil grin and three spoons. He laid them on the floor and ordered everyone to form a circle around them as he separated four sets of four cards out of the deck.

Orli lost first, grapping Billy's finger thinking it was the spoon. He took his shot was a grimace and swig of beer. Lij lost second when he thought he had four kings, not noticing the ace hidden between two of them. His shot went down with a glare. Dom scratched his nose and lost. Orli was laughing to hard to take grab the spoons when he actually won. Billy almost won, but Dom grabbed the spoon out of his hand. This went on for a while.

When Orli excused himself to the bathroom, a green tint to his face, Lij suggested tackle spoons. Billy ran away quickly and Dom picked up the nearly empty bottle of Jack, holding it up to Lij's face.

Lij pouted, realizing their game was over, then quickly smiled, stood up and pulled Dom to his feet as well.

"Call it a draw?" He asked. Dom nodded. "Bed?"

"Bed." Dom agreed, following Lij.
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