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pairing: harry, ?
fandom: hp
inspiration: Blood Sweat and Tears

He coughed up tears, choking on his regret. This wasn’t the first time this had happened. Apparently, Harry hadn’t learned.

Earlier, if the room was dark or light he didn’t know; his eyelids spellotaped shut. He could taste the copper of the blood and assumed it was his own. He wasn’t sure, but it didn’t matter. Above him, or next to him, maybe, he could hear unsteady breathing.

His hair pressed flat for once against his head and his body contorted. He wasn’t sure if he screamed at all, but he knew if he did it was pain not pleasure.

pairing: hermione
fandom: hp
inspiration: Blood Sweat and Tears (2)

Hermione couldn’t move. Her heart beat, pumping blood through her veins to her heart, but every other function seemed to have stopped. Here eyes, frozen open in surprise, or was it shock, (it was actually awe), she doesn’t even notice when they start to water for lack of blinking.

Any other time she could have identified who it was by and when. She could have looked away and maybe felt that telltale prickle on the back of her neck and felt her cold sweat. But Hermione was entranced, and that’s just how the basilisk found her.

The painting wasn’t harmed.

pairing: harry, ron, nevil
fandom: hp
inspiration: gone but not forgotten
i think this was ala [livejournal.com profile] riddlemesphinx

His initiation into the group was one of those catch-22 things. Only he tried his best not to think about it. For once, it wasn’t his fault, but people looked at him that way anyway.

He had never had a best friend before, or any friends before Hogwarts, even. And now he had two of them (and a dark shadow hanging over his head).

At Hermione’s funeral he cried and held Harry and Ron as if he had been there all along. At Hermione’s funeral he cried too, and Neville hated himself for half of those tears being from happiness.

ps. it's been over a year since i posted in this journal. crazy.
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