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Just found this. I don't know if I've posted it before or when I wote it. Le sigh.

title: Intoxicating
pairing: narcissa/lucius (my het otp!! woot)
fandom: hp

Once she couldn’t get his whispers out of her ears. She could always feel his lips ghosting on her skin and his warm breath tickling even hours after, when he was no longer there. She was drawn to him, that was obvious enough, and they made such an elegant pair with their hair of spun gold and their haunting eyes. Both of them well known and prestigious, it made perfect sense.

Once she would laugh and his eyes would light up. He could watch her for hours doing the simplest of things, watching her fragile hands and wondering how they hadn’t shattered. Whatever anyone said about them, no one could deny their love and passion for each other. It spilled out of them like wine over the edge of a glass, staining the white lace.

His whispers started to change; it wasn’t so much his soul speaking anymore but another force behind his tongue. And she would still laugh, but often the sound was empty and hollow. By this time they were already devoted to each other, tied together for everything. It was unspoken but amazingly strong.

When the world fell apart, she stood by his side without a thought. It was easy enough to understand why. He never stopped whispering into her ear and she would laugh behind her hand as the green light flashed all around her. She was safe and dizzy, and he guided her until the world stopped shaking.

Her hair wasn’t so much gold anymore, along the way it had lost it shine and both of their eyes held secrets, hers unknown and his full of rage. They were no longer the glamorous couple they once were. But she was already addicted to him, and he could never let his own drug go.
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