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title: not without hope
pairing: lucious/snape (?!)
fandom: hp
notes: a requested drabble for the wonderful Vicious Malicious, [livejournal.com profile] vmalicious. she wanted this paring loaded with angst.... i did what i could...

They came to him like leeches, the students did, draining him of his energy and patience until he could do nothing but sit in the dim light of his classroom, head in hands, hair hanging in front of his face. And like clockwork, once a month, his reluctant colleague, and even more reluctant friend came, swallowing snarls and shading animalistic eyes, wearing him even thinner as he worked relentlessly on perfecting the potion, until he could only sigh and shudder as he watched the sleeping beast.

But it was always days when he dealt with leeches and werewolves, that the vampire would come to him, cloaked by the night. For what else could he be, someone who drank his very soul with a look, and consumed his being with the simplest kiss? Already reduced to a shell of a man, alone in his dark quarters, Snape could never tell if he was being put together or broke apart by the blond who had recently been whispering lies and love into his ears. He only knew that Lucious would be the death of him, one way or another and, really, that impending release is the only thing that allows him sleep.

Pands, I have one for you, too. It'll be up soon. I suck.

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