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title: perfection
characters: narcissa (♥)
fandom: hp
challenge: cast [for [livejournal.com profile] hp100]

She was always the picture of perfection. On the arm of Lucius, socializing with other wizarding elite or sitting comfortably near the fire enjoying the company of her family. She never let her mask slip – the role of the perfect wife, perfect mother, perfect pureblood witch.

Sitting endlessly, staring out past the frozen, overgrown gardens and past the cast iron fence of Malfoy Manor, she maintains her perfect appearance even now as the house becomes a tomb around her. Yes, Narcissa will continue to play her part, perfect and silent, even if her son and husband will never return.

title: infatuation
characters: ron, harry/draco(ish)
fandom: hp
challenge: cast [for [livejournal.com profile] hp100]

Unfortunately for Ron, it was no longer his first year at Hogwarts and the spells he cast tended to actually work properly. Typically this was regarded as a good thing especially by Hermione who long ago grew tired of cleaning up messes and covering up mistakes.

As Ron backed up against the corridor, he wished that he still had a broken wand that did more harm to him that anyone else. It was one thing to have Draco mad, which was common enough, but Harry… He could only hope the infatuation charm he used would wear off without any causalities.

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