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title: war of roses
fandom: gw
pairing/characters: 13x5, implied 13x6, 13x11
challenge: romance [ for [livejournal.com profile] gw500]
notes: waxing poetic, not sure this is what i intended to come up with... oh well.

“How could you possibly think I could not fall in love with you?”

There is no answer from the figure sitting on the edge of the bed, facing away. No answer was needed; Treize continued.

“I have loved every person that has fought for me and mourned every person that has died for me. There are even those who have fought against me, that I find myself loving. If you must know the truth, I am in love with humanity itself.”

This earns a snort from the figure. At least he is listening.

“I was given power. Power to shape the world, perhaps even the universe. The power to guide the destinies of my people, to shape their lives, and even their deaths, in many cases. It is all so beautiful. Humans should all get a chance to experience such pure, raw beauty – the beauty one sees before one dies, when they regret that they never noticed the changing of the leaves with the seasons, or the taste of fresh spring water.”

A turn towards him and a frown.

“Oh, you must be wondering how I could possibly know these things? I live every day as if I were going to die. I want no regrets so I slow down and soak everything in, smell the roses, so to speak – though I must admit that one thing that I take particular pleasure in, but I digress.”

Treize smiles to himself in the semi-darkness of the room, shifting against the pillows. He has captivated his audience.

“That is why I could not help but fall in love with my companions and even my subordinates. Those men who call themselves The Treize Faction, all ready to give their lives for me without a second thought. Such devotion is rare and pure.”

A scoff, maybe, but he can’t be sure. Treize continues undaunted.

“Zechs, a pacifist by birth who only comes to live in the mist of battle; Une, with her eternal devotion; and of course, you and the passion that drives you to the art of war. Because it is an art, you see, and you know that as well as I. You are all beautiful powerful creatures. How could you not be forever imprinted in my mind?”

The figure turns towards him now, though still at a distance, still uncomfortable in his surroundings.

“Very few people understand me completely. Zechs understands that humans are necessary in battles. Without human loss, this war will never end. Une was prepared to give her life for her devotion to me, though she my have overestimated my powers. I can only imagine how beautiful she was before they tried to take her life. My cousin Dorothy, she understands more than anyone the beauty and necessity of war – that it’s human nature. And you, you fight for something deeper, just as I do. You fight for your own honor and, though you may not know it, for humanity. You love space as much as I love earth.”

A moment of silence then, almost bitterly, “Only you, Treize, could romanticize war in such a manner.”

Treize sighs. “I feel that you doubt my sincerity, Wufei. That it has somehow gotten tangled within my eloquence. I may be guilty of being poetic, but the sentiment is always true.”

“That may very well be, but you will always be first and foremost my enemy,” Wufei says, standing and walking towards the elaborate window, staring out onto the water.

“And I wouldn’t have you think of me any other way, Wufei. If that’s what you need me to be, then that’s what I am.”

Treize stands behind Wufei close enough to feel the heat emanate off his boy, but no contact is made. Wufei says nothing, though neither does Treize.

It’s only later, back inside Nataku, that Wufei understands that Treize speaks in truths and that he is the liar.

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